“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda


Yoda said it best in this very simple statement. 


Try or “I’ll try” is one of those words and phrases that leads to failure. Say what? 


I know, you’ve been told forever to just “try your best.” 


However, when you say “I’ll try to stop eating junk” or “I’ll try to go to the gym 3x week,” you’re just telling yourself a story. You TRY when there’s a possibility of failure. You subconsciously give yourself an out before you’ve begun. 


The story you tell yourself is that you can go part way and you’ll get partial credit for the work you did, because it’s still
progress. But let’s be real, partial credit doesn’t get you to your goals. 


Guess what? Yoda had a quote for that too. In regards to Luke Skywalker when he stopped believing: 

“That is why you fail.” 


If you want to make a change, you have to see yourself with success before you even begin. 


You DO when you are committing yourself fully to something. This is where your story changes. You aren’t trying to get fit, you are fit. You aren’t trying to eat better, you eat healthfully. When you shift your narrative, your story changes. Your decisions are suddenly made for you, because you’ve already decided that you have the success you desire. 


We all have those things we want to do. To “try.” Stop giving yourself an out and start committing fully to those habits you want to make. The time is now. No more waiting, no more trying, just action. 


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