How do I resist temptation while at the grocery store, knowing I’ll want some goodies while being trapped in the house for a while?  Here is a 4 step foolproof plan to get out quarantine life leaner: 

1) Eat Before
This is always the easiest thing to do to avoid any temptation. Food looks a lot less appealing when your belly is already full! Ideally you’d make it a full meal, but even having a healthy before will help.

2) Have a Plan
Make a list and stick to it. Having a plan before you go in, which will probably include a list in your hand, will keep you much more on track to shop for only the things that are listed.

3) What Do You Crave?
Consider and reflect on those things you usually crave. If you don’t get them, will you search for a replacement or accept you don’t have what you want and move on?

Plan what you want and get yourself something, but make sure it’s in limited quantity and it’s not more than one thing. Ie. Don’t get a box of donuts, buy only one. Don’t buy a 3lb bag of gummy bears, buy a small snack bag. (Ok truth be told, this last example might have been what really happened when I first went shopping during the quarantine. I’m not lying when I say I bought it for my husband, but you know I had some myself. After all, it was a THREE pound bag. I told him I wouldn’t do that again!)

4) Treat Quarantine
If you end up bringing home more treats than usual, put some out of sight so they aren’t staring at you from the panty. Hide them in a cupboard or maybe in the closet but above all, don’t sweat the small stuff. 

Give yourself some allowance right now. That could mean 2 or even 4 Oreos, but not a whole sleeve. Or perhaps you found a recipe for your favorite comfort food dish that happens to be covered in butter. Great, enjoy it! Just don’t make it every night. 

Do your best to keep things in check with a grocery list and planning. However, know that a treat here or there will be ok and in the grand scheme of things, it’s not that big of a deal. 

To reiterate: to keep in check at the grocery store: eat before you shop, have a plan, negotiate cravings and do a treat quarantine, if needed.  

If you feel like you’re struggling with more than just grocery store temptations, I’m here to help! Email me a question you might have to get featured in my next article.

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