I’ve got a few more home workouts while quarantining during COVID. These workouts have some equipment needed for most of them, but they can always be swapped out with bodyweight workouts. 

I did not put in quite as many hyperlinks this time, so please let me know if you have questions on what a movement is or how to sub that movement.  


I am also programming for those who want to retain their strength while at home. I also have a 4x per week, 4 week total block of progressive body weight movements for strength if you are looking for something more focused without equipment. 

Finally, I’ve decided to open up my 21 Day Kick Start to Better Health on April 15th. This is a program that you can do at home and you might find that it will help keep you in check right now with the kitchen being so close to visit. I am discounting the rate for this first session to $57 from $97. You must use the coupon code COVIDSUCKS to get this rate. Please share with others if you feel they could use it. I designed it so even those with limited health and nutrition knowledge will benefit.