Such a simple question, but maybe not a simple answer. So think about it, what do you need from me? How can I help you during this time? 

I said I was going to send out some more home workouts, but I feel like every trainer and their brother is pushing that kind of content and mine would just be lost in the sea of the others. I work hard on those workouts and don’t want them to just be wasted. If you really do enjoy mine a lot and want more, let me know! 

I also mentioned that I have a nutrition/better living project in the works. It’s been tested by two groups of people and I feel it’s ready. However, is a 21 Day Kick Start a good thing to focus on right now or adding to the mire? Selling you something now feels wrong, but I also think it might help some of you out who are currently working on the Freshman 15# equivalent. 

How else can I help you through this time? I’d love to hear some suggestions, whether for the masses or for you personally. 

I’m not asking rhetorically. I want to hear from you. 

Hit reply and let me know what you need from me.