More Details 

WHEN: Oct 23-Nov 12th 2019
COST: $97

After the last post I had a few people reach out and ask more questions. I thought it’d be best to just add on to the original post to hopefully give everyone a better understanding of what they can expect. 

This “challenge” is only called such for lack of a better term. I actually hate the term/thought of a nutrition challenge now that I have more education and experience under my belt. This isn’t a challenge in that you’ll be competing; with anyone or with yourself. It’s more to challenge your perspective and what you’ve been doing. 

The 21 days will essentially be an intro to what I do during 1-1 nutritional counseling to give people a kickstart, especially as the holidays quickly approach. It is all individualized and based on your goals. There are no “good” or “bad” things to eat, no “dos and don’ts”, it’s just your goals and me helping you get closer to them. 

Most of what I do is teach you balance and how to be flexible so that you can live your life and not have to beat yourself up over having a beer or some wine with friends or on a date. In addition to that, I take your biofeedback into account. Your bio-what? Biofeedback are all the other signs your body gives you that often go ignored: Sleep, Digestion, Energy, Mood, etc. 

What you eat is merely just a piece of the puzzle, albeit, a rather large piece, but still just a piece. The goals will be customized to each person after the intake evaluation has been completed. 

If you have more questions on what you can expect, shoot me an email or give me a text/call. I hope you decide to join me on this journey! or 805. 220. 8077