I wish I would have written down the time for this one but unfortunately I forgot. Nice way to get some extra, less intensive, shoulder work in.  The waiter carry was the same each round, so it ends up being 9 rounds at 50m, but it’s 25m one arm, 25m the other arm. Still, it adds up. Don’t be afraid to go a bit heavy on the waiter carry though because it’s not THAT far. For the movements, definitely go heavy as the reps are low. So if there’s any confusion, it’s 12 reps lat pull down, 12 flies, 50m Waiter carry – 9 lat pull down, 9 flies, 50m waiter carry – 6 lat pull down, 6 flies, 50m waiter carry. Then move on to the next set of movements 

**I saw one of you at Avo Fest and we spoke about modifications and subs. I have shoulder issues so I avoid shoulders usually. My modifications listed below will always have a similar movement for that body part. However, if you have a lower body injury for example or can’t do a movement, switch it to something you WANT or CAN do. ie. Subbing out squats for a shoulder press is totally fine, as long as it’s not already taxing in that body part. These are just what I do and posted to give you all inspiration or something to do when you don’t feel like thinking something up. Remember to always do what feels good to you and to have fun with it!! 

Lat Pull Down —-> Banded Pull Downs or DB/BB Bent Over Rows
Flies  —->  Push Ups
Rear Fly —-> Lateral Raise
Walking Lunge —-> Squats 
OH Tricep Extension —-> Floor Dips 
Slam Ball —-> Weighted OH Sit Up