I felt like this workout was really quick and surprised to see it took me nearly 27 mins when I was done. I used 35# on the KB swings as well. I started a cut a couple weeks ago, so you’ll notice the workouts I’m posting won’t be as long, basically because I’m not eating enough to fuel a long one, or because when I’m done I’ll be starved the rest of the day, which is not a very fun way to live. So to minimize that I’ve started cutting down my workouts and dropping the weights so I don’t have to work as hard. 

Goblet Squat —->  Light front squat or back squat
Single Arm Russian Swings —-> Unloaded BB Good Mornings
Ab Roll Outs —-> Heavy Slam Balls or Weighted OH Sit Ups
Rear Fly —-> Lateral Raise or Inverse Row