Hey party people! Sorry for starting to post my workouts and then just disappearing. To those that have asked where they went, thanks for pushing my butt in gear to start again! There’s been a lot of good stuff going on for me lately and one incident that was not so fun. First, I’ve picked up several more personal training clients which has made me busier and been a fun logistical challenge (I work out of Empower Fitness and Rincon Fitness and any park of your choice). Second, Fox started preschool at All Saints in Montecito. Woohoo! Third, I got a job with Eat to Perform, the company I’ve been using personally for nutrition counseling for the last 3+ years. I’m super stoked on this, as it’s been a dream for a while. And finally, about 5 weeks ago I was doing cable crunches at home and had a piece of equipment sitting on the top of the lat pull down machine. I didn’t even think about it being up there, but it fell…directly on my right index finger and split it open and broke it. I’m finally splint and pain free and can type again!

So, back to the workout at hand. This was a fun one when I didn’t have 100% capacity that day for whatever reason. The bottom part was not for time, and I rested as needed.

Box Jumps —-> Step Ups
Pistols —-> Split Squats or Assisted Pistols
Evil Wheels —–> Weighted Roll Ups