Hang power cleans were done at 95#. The deadlifts were straight leg deadlifts at 95# as well. Bench and Pendlay rows were both done with 75#. If you’re confused on Pendlay rows vs. a bent over row, Pendlay rows start at the ground and finish on the ground. All momentum is quashed because of it and the back is also straighter and more parallel to the ground. Tricep Extensions were double DBs with 15# in each hand. Midline: I had an ab workout I was following that was 10 different moves and 25-50 reps of each. Pick a few and go for it! 

HPC —-> Med Ball Cleans
Narrow Grip Bench —-> Hand Release Push Ups, follow rep scheme of 21-15-9-6 for push ups only
Pendlay Row —> BO row or Pull Ups