I’ve realized a few things lately about how I personally like to train. One, I like longer WODs. I realized my ideal workout is somewhere between 28 and 42 minutes. I’m not sure where those numbers came from, but I know I feel like I worked my ass off around those times, so that’s what I shoot for most days. Two, I LOVE chippers. This one isn’t exactly a chipper, but you’ll see them often in upcoming blogs. Three, I like working out at home by myself. I mean, a good class here and there wold be fun, but for my day-to-day workouts, I like to be at home by myself with music I choose and my equipment that I’m familiar with. Perhaps it stems from always being on guard that a new prospect would walk in every time I tried to workout at the gym during off hours. But working out at home allows me to do what I want (I still program deadlifts and thrusters even though I hate them!) and not care about my score. If any of you attempt these workouts at home, feel free to post your score below and any modifications you did. Use me as a baseline, but know that you’ll probably beat my time! I’m not working for anyone now but me.

Run —-> Row  or Bike or 50 Double Unders or 100 Single Jump Rope
Box Jumps —-> Step Ups or Jumping Squats
Bench Press —> Floor Press or Hand Release Push Ups (increase by 5 reps each round if doing HRPU)
Lat Pull Down (Machine) —-> Banded Lat Pull Down or Pull Ups or Bent Over Row