Daily WOD for Tuesday 3-6-2018


Mar 5, 2018


Strength: Lots of cleans today. Challenge yourself on the weight but try to move exceptionally well.   Metcon: Weight should be set so you could do each movement unbroken.

Warm Up:
:30 of each: Jumping Jacks, Push Up to DD, Samson, Spidermans, Side Squats, Air squats, PVC Pass Thrus, Gorilla Squats

Then 5 of each – Good Mornings, Back Squats, Elbow Rotations, Strict Press, Deadlift, Front Squats

1:00 Wrist Stretch – 1:00 Front Rack Stretch – 1:00 Warrior Squats

1) Hang Power Clean, Find a heavy 3

Metcon – 3 Rds:

  • 20 Hang Power Cleans (L1 75/55 RX 95/65)
  • 20 Front Squats
  • 20 Push Press

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