Daily WOD for Tuesday 2-20-2018


Feb 19, 2018


Metcon: Weights should be something you can do unbroken every round. Score is total wallballs.

Warm Up:
3x :30 of each: Knuckle Drags, Inchworms, Samson, Spidermans, Air Squats, Push up to Down Dog

THEN: 5 of each – Good mornings, Back Squats, elbow rotations, strict press, stiff-legged DL, Front Squats

1:00 Figure 4 Stretch, ea – 1:00 Pigeon on a Box, ea – 1:00 Glutes on a Ball, ea

1) Deadlifts, Build to a Heavy Set of 3

Metcon – 7 min AMRAP:

  • WallBalls (20/14)
  • On The Minute – 5 Deadlifts (L1 185/125 RX 225/155) Starting at the 1:00 mark

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