Daily WOD for Friday 2-16-2018


Feb 15, 2018


Metcon: Weights should be something you can do in 1-2 sets. Quick transitions and keep the abmats at the same pace so you don’t burn out too quick.

Warm Up:
Partner Banded Run x 2 ea Then 10 of each x2:
Air Squats, Cherry Pickers, Deadlift, Inch Worms, Good Mornings, Sit ups, K2W, Pull Ups, Iron Crosses, Scorpions

1:00 Figure 4 Stretch, ea – 1:00 Pigeon on a Box, ea – 4:00 Athlete’s Choice

1) Abmats- legs, arms, back
2) Deadlifts- 3 Pt. Hinge Drill, warm up to metcon weight

Metcon – 5 Rounds:

  • 15 Deadlifts (L1 135/85 RX 155/105)
  • 25 Abmats

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