CrossFit WOD for Friday 11-17-2017


Nov 16, 2017

Strength/Skill: Take a couple warm up sets and then get to it. Explode up to the ceiling. Each set should take less than 7 seconds. Metcon: Your 400m should be a very quick pace, faster than normal if possible. You’ll then probably have close to 5 mins for bear complex. Loading should be challenging but consistent. Reps will be between about 10-20. These can be done as clusters to back thrusters. 

Warm Up:
3x: 5 Gorilla Squats, 5 PVC OH Squats, 5 Reverse Lunges (ea leg) THEN w/ a BB 2x: 3 Muscle Snatches, 4 OHS, 5 Back Squats, 6 OH Walking Lunges (w/ a Plate-each leg), 7 Good Mornings

2x 10 Glute Bridges and 10 X Band steps each direction

1) Speed Back Squats, 6×4 @75% every 60-90s
2) Warm Up Bear Complex

METCON- With a 7 min Clock “Bear Grylls”:

  • 400m Run
  • Remaing Time: Max Bear Complex (L1 75/55 RX 95/65 +115/75)

1) Banded Pull Throughs- accumulate 100 reps

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Movement Demo: Bear Complex

Compliments of Mobloko

“If you fall, I’ll catch you.” – Ground