CrossFit WOD for Monday 11-13-2017


Nov 12, 2017

Strength/Skill: Take 6-8 sets to work up to a 2RM. Try to match your current 1RM if you have one. It will be 10-20% lower than your traditional Fr Sq. 1RM. Metcon: Round 1 shooot for full effort-Rounds 2 and 3 will be closer to 80-85% 

Warm Up:
10 Reverse Pass Thrus and 10 of each w/ a BB: DL, HP Clean, Front Squat, Burpees, Good Mornings, Back Squats, 10 Lateral Bar Hops

2 sets Wrist Walks*, 10 Kicks on the Rig Forward/Back and Side to Side, each

1) Front Box Squat, 2RM, 2:00 rest between attempts 13-15″ box
2) Power Clean + Squat Clean, Work above Metcon weight, 3-4 sets every 60s

METCON- 5 min AMRAPs with 2:00 min rest between:

  • 3 Squat Cleans (L1 95/65 RX 115/75 +135/95)
  • 6 Lateral Burpees Over the Bar
  • 3 Power Cleans
  • 6 Lateral Burpees OTB
  • 3 Power Cleans
  • 3 Squat Cleans
  • 6 Lateral Burpees OTB

Accessory-3 Rds
1) Bulgarian Split Squat 3×6-8ea
2) Reverse Crunch + Deadbug 3×10

*Wrist Walks: Place your palms on a wall, with arms straight and fingers pointing to the ceiling. Keeping contact with the wall, walk your hands down the wall as possible without letting your palms come off the wall. Once you reach the point where you can’t walk your hands down any farther, turn your hands around so your fingers are now pointing to the floor. Walk your wrists back up the wall as far upward as possible. 

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Reverse Crunch + Dead Bug

Compliments of Box Programming
“If you fall, I’ll catch you.” – Ground