CrossFit WOD for Friday 10-20-2017


Oct 19, 2017

Strength/Skill: Final week of speed work. Make sure weight isn’t so heavy you can’t still go for speed/form. Metcon: Push the pace since this one is so short but make sure it’s mostly consistant.

Warm Up:

400m Run 3 Rds 5 of each: Cook Squats, Gorilla Squats, Reverse Lunges -THEN- 3 Rds 5 of each w/ BB: Muscle Cleans, Front Squats, Lateral Jumps over the bar, Back Squats, Good Mornings

Mobility: 2 Rds
Single Leg Glute Bridges x 10 ea, 10 Deadbugs, 10 Cherry Pickers

1) Speed Back Squats, 5×4 @70%, every 60s 
2) Standing Box Jump, 4×5- same height as last week

THEN: Warm up movements for WOD


  • 8 Power Cleans (L1 75/55, RX 95/65, +115/75)
  • 8 Lateral Burpees over the bar

1) Ab Roll Outs 3×12 (on wheel or BB)
2) Ring Rows w/ 3ct pause at the top 3×8

“With ordinary talent and extraordinary perserverance, all things are attainable.” – Thomas Fowell Buxton