CrossFit WOD for Thursday 9-28-2017


Sep 27, 2017

Strength/Skill: Same skill as last week so you can get more practice in. Metcon: Split as desired. KBS should not be heavy today. Work at a fast pace that will challenge you and your partner. 

Warm Up:
400m Run- 20 of ea: Russian Swing, Gob Squat, Push Up, Walking Lunges – 400m Run 

Roll it out – 5 mins and warm up pistols

Strength/Skill- 10 min EMOM:
1) Pistols, x40s
2) Kipping, x40s

METCON- 18 min AMRAP w/ a Partner:

  • 40 KBS (L1 45/25 RX 53/35)
  • 40 cal Row
  • 40 Walking Lunges
  • *1 person works, split as desired

Accessory: 50 of each
Banded Hip Flexor Pulls 
Banded Tricep 
Banded Face Pulls 

“Stop saying ‘I wish.’ Start saying ‘I will’.”