CrossFit WOD for Thursday 9-21-2017


Sep 20, 2017

Strength/Skill: You’ll get a good amount of time to practice each before the EMOM starts. Make sure you are scaling pistols correctly-height and aparatus used, if any. Metcon: Shoot for the same amount of reps each round to keep pacing level

Warm Up:
20 each: Squats, Walking Lunges, Push Ups, Hollow Rocks, Banded Good Morning, Dive Bombers THEN Burgener w/ PVC

Ankle Stretch and Foam Roll: IT Bands, Quads, Lats, Hammies, T-Spine

Strength/Skill- 10 min EMOM
Min 1) Pistols x 40s 
Min 2) Kipping x 40s 

METCON- “Tabata” (8 intervals each then 60s to rotate):

  • HR Push Ups (L1Knees, RX Toes, no snaking)
  • BW Reverse Lunges
  • Russian Swings (L1 53/35 RX 70/53)
  • Mt. Climbers (single ct)
  • Weighted Russian Twists (single ct) (L1 25/10 RX 35/25)
  • Score = Total Reps
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Compliments of CrossFit

“Stop saying ‘I wish.’ Start saying ‘I will’.”