CrossFit WOD for Tuesday 9-19-2017


Sep 18, 2017

Strength/Finisher: Just to ensure you’re fully worked over. Metcon: The point is to sustain your output today. Try to get the same times each round, but total time is your score. 

Warm Up:
Rowling – While Resting do 20 Single or DU and 20s Plank
THEN: PVC Burgener

Calf Strech and Ankle Alphabets

METCON- 4 RFT (25 min Cap):

  • 500m Row (Sub: 20 Burpees)
  • 15 Box Jumps
  • 20 Abmats
  • 50 DUs
  • **2 min Rest

Strength/Finisher- Accumulate in 8:00
1) Banded Paloff Press Alphabet (both sides)
2) DB Rev. Lunge w/ RDL x 6 each (1+1=1)
3) Banded Tricep Push Down x 15
THEN: 3 min X-Band Steps 

“Stop saying ‘I wish.’ Start saying ‘I will’.”