CrossFit WOD for Thursday 9-7-2017


Sep 6, 2017

Strength/Skill: We’ll repeat this for a few weeks. Metcon: All sets are max effort/weight. Do not cycle through, perform 4 rounds of each before switching. 

Warm Up:
1 min DUs/practice then Burgener Warm Up with PVC then BB

Foam Roll Lats x60s each, Pec Stretch x60s each 

1) Snatch Complex: Below the Knee, Hang, OHS- no more than 60% of 1RM -2:00 between 5-8 sets 

METCON- 4 Rounds of each:

  • 200m Max Effort Rox – 60s Rest
  • 50m Double OH KB Carry AHAP – 60s Rest
  • 50m Front Rack Carry same weight – 60s Rest
  • 15 Hollow Rocks AFAP – 60s Rest

“Stop saying ‘I wish.’ Start saying ‘I will’.”