Foxwing Fitness Nutritional Challenge

WHEN: September 11-October 22nd
COST: $39
PRIZES: Gift Certificates/Rock Tape Items/FWF Swag/among other items

The kids are back in school and summer is winding down. It’s time to refocus and commit to your health. After running several “nutritional/whole body” challenges over the years, I’ve seen what good they possess. However, every time I do one, I get disillusioned with what they are about. Most require daily tracking of meals or other items. The diets are also inflexible and don’t support people who eat food to get healthier, and instead seem to promote cutting calories and going paleo. It’s time to start our own challenge; one that’s manageable and will help incorporate healthier choices into your daily routine, which, over the course of the 6 weeks, should help set you up for long-term, healthy changes.

Now, this is a “challenge” and is aptly named. Cooking your own food will be a necessity here, as will planning ahead and looking to whole foods for your meals verses fast food or processed goods.

There will be a kick off meeting on Saturday September 9th at 10:30am. We will discuss major points of the challenge and any questions you may have will be answered. There will also be some handouts to help you along the way. A mid-way check-in meeting will be held Tuesday October 3rd at 7:30pm. Finally, a wrap-up meeting will be held Saturday Oct. 21st at 10:30am. If you cannot attend any of these meetings, major notes can be emailed to you of what was discussed.

If you choose, we will be taking weights and measurements PRIOR to starting the challenge and again at the conclusion of the challenge. Before and after pictures are encouraged but not required and can be kept privately. These numbers do not factor in to your score but are for personal knowledge. You can schedule your measurements starting two weeks before the challenge to two weeks after it is completed.

Each day, there will be FIVE points available. You earn these points by having a “perfect” food day and following all the rules. Uh oh, went to Avo Fest and had a “cheat” day? That’s ok, you still get ONE point just for playing. THERE ARE NO ZERO POINT DAYS. This challenge is not intended to beat you up and make you feel guilty for having an off day.

Perfect food days mean you followed all the rules outlined below. Broke one rule? Your score is four. Broke two rules… your score is a three. Etc. You do not have to log your food, but it is recommended that for those that have never tracked/logged food, that you attempt to do it in My Fitness Pal. This will also set you up with Leah for automatic MFP reviews that are part of the ongoing, free nutritional program (tracking for at least 3-4 days is a requirement before any nutritional counseling).

You will earn THREE points for showing up for class and will max at 15 points/week, to allow for rest days.

Each time you WOD and check in on Facebook you get ONE point (you must tag a coach as well). Tag a friend who is also working out and you get ONE more point for a max of 10 points a week. You will receive TEN bonus points for writing a review of FWF on social media for a max of 30 points (Facebook, Google+, Yelp).

There will be ONE bonus point for Instagram pics of healthy, homemade food that you made (you must tag Foxwing Fitness in the post). Max points per week is seven.

POINTS AWARDED FOR COMPLETING WEEKLY CHALLENGES. Each weekly challenge is worth EIGHT bonus points. All movements are accumulated and can and should be spread out over the week.

Week 1- 250 KBS
Week 2- 21 minute plank hold
Week 3- 6400m Run or 8000m Row
Week 4- 250 push ups
Week 5- 500 Burpees
Week 6- 500 sit ups

ALLOWED Food Items
Any food with only one ingredient (except sugar)
All natural cow, pork, chicken, turkey, seafood, shellfish
All Veggies (including potatoes and root vegetables)
All Fruits/Berries/Melons
All Nuts (try to limit these to no more than one small handful a day)
All Seeds (try to limit these to no more than one small handful a day)
Whole Grains (whole grain flour, rolled/steel cut oatmeal, quinoa, corn flour, barley)
Bread (Sourdough with no preservatives or homemade bread)
Beans (free of any extra ingredient) and lentils
Rice (see “packaged and seasoned items” below)
Pasta (single ingredient only)
Plain Greek Yogurt (any fat style)
Soft Cheese (including string cheese)
Honey (limited amount)
Grade A Maple Syrup (limited amount)
Almond/Rice/Cow Milk
Coffee/Kombucha/Tea (unsweetened)/coconut water
Olive Oil
Kerrygold Butter or Organic Butter
Homemade Ketchup and Mayonnaise
Homemade No Sugar Added Jams/Preserves
Mustard/Coconut Aminos/unsalted seasoning (like Lemon Pepper or Mrs. Dash)
Protein Powder (with no unnecessary ingredients like Sucralose, corn syrup solids, silicone dioxide or soy lecithin – seriously, these are all found in major brands – check labels)
Wine (yay!)
Sparkling water

Lunch meat/Bacon/Sausage (all – sorry, packaged goods)
Corn or Flour Tortillas
Any packaged and seasoned item that is on the allowed list (i.e. Rice-a-Roni, Instant potatoes, scalloped potato mix, baked beans, “pasta sides”, Hamburger Helper)
Flavored Yogurt of any kind* (most have lots of added sugar or artificial sweeteners)
Cream Cheese or Sour Cream
Non Dairy Creamer like Coffeemate (powdered or liquid)
Ice Cream (unless it’s avocado ice cream for the 3 days of Avofest)
Jif or Skippy Peanut Butter or any kind where the oil is already mixed in
Cereal and granola
Anything with refined or added sugar-check your labels!
Dried Fruit/Jam
Anything prepackaged (i.e. crackers, chips, breads other than listed below, granola bars, protein bars other than RX Bars or ones with zero preservatives or added sugars)
Ketchup/BBQ Sauce/Mayonnaise/Soy Sauce etc.
Artificial Sweeteners
Salted Seasonings (ex. Taco seasoning, Lowry’s, burger seasoning)
Hard Alcohol and beer (I gave you wine, be happy with that!)

-Roast a whole chicken. Let it cool, and debone it. Keep all the meat in a container in the fridge. This will help with “quick” meals on the go. You can use this for salads, the protein part of any of your meals, or even as a snack.

-Prep your Veggies. Pick a day when you have less going on, and dedicate some of that day to meal planning and prep. The hardest part of sticking to a healthy eating plan will be prepping things ahead of time. Once you decide on your meals for the week, then it’s pretty easy to clean and chop veggies that will be used each day. Prepped veggies will last for days in the fridge, and then it’s really as simple as reaching in and grabbing the appropriate one.

-Make a Big Batch. Leftovers are oh-so handy and many foods actually taste better once they’ve marinated overnight. Leftovers also help you cut down on looking through the pantry for “something easy.” You have something easy already!

Whatever you plan on eating, a PLAN is very important to success. It can also get you out of a food rut. Try some new and adventurous recipes during this challenge. It might take a little more time on your prep day, but you’ll be thankful that you planned and prepped for several different meals throughout the week and are getting some new variety.

Because I believe strongly in the power of food prep, there will be weekly points available for showing me your food prep efforts, to the tune of TEN bonus points per week. I know it takes time, but, by the end of the challenge, you should have it down pat. Anything that takes a lot of time in the oven, get started first so you can work on other things while it’s cooking. Utilize any time-saving gadgets you have, like a food processor or crock pot. Cut all your veggies at one time, so you aren’t constantly having to wash raw meat off of your cutting board. Invest in a veggie steamer. 

In addition to food prep, having a good support system is key to a successful challenge. If you have a friend or family member interested in doing the challenge PLEASE INVITE THEM. If they are not a member, they can still tag us and a friend for home workouts to get their points. I also have a list of weekly challenge movements they can do with out equipment. These members will also be offered a special price at the end of the challenge if they would like to start up with FWF.

The winner(s) will be determined by overall points. There will also be prizes given out throughout the challenge as well for merit. All participants will receive a 15 minute personalized nutrition consult after the challenge is concluded (phone or in person) to help them continue on their way.