CrossFit WOD for Tuesday 8-1-2017


Jul 31, 2017

Strength/Skill: Done after Metcon. Rest up to 45s between movements. This is not a workout style AMRAP. Metcon: You dhould have near full recovery each round. Barbell movements should be capable of being done unbroken sets of at least 5. You should have at least 2min rest each round. Score = slowest split.  

Warm Up

50 DUs or 1 min practice, 10 ring rows, 5 hang power cleans, 5 presses, 10 PVC pass through, repeat.


3 mins Athlete Choice

METCON- E5MOM – 5 Rds:

  • 200m Run
  • 10 C2B Pull Ups
  • 10 Hang Power Clean (L1 95/65 RX 115/75 RX+ 135/95)
  • 10 S2OH

Skill/Strength – 8 min AMRAP:

1) DB Reverse Lunge + Forward Lunges x 5 (1+1=1) rest up to 45s
2) 1-Arm DB Row Rotation-Neutral grip to pronated x 10-12 Rest up to 45s
3) Side Plank x 10-15 ea. Rest up to 45s 

The purpose of training is to tighen up the slack, toughen the body and polish the spirit.” 

-Morihei Ueshiba