Shirts: I am going to put in a bulk order of shirts on MONDAY. If you would like to order any of the ones listed on the site, please email me which shirt (they are all named) and your size. I will then charge your account when delivered. If you want the same graphics on a shirt but a different color, please let me know the color too.

July Challenge: It’s almost over! Only 3 more days to get your steps in and make sure you’re drinking enough water. If you are out of town but have a fitness tracker, please email me your steps and I will add them. If you have yet to record your steps, I know Fitbit lets you go back as far as you’d like to see your achievements. You can still participate in the Box collective step challenge by emailing me your total monthly numbers as well. Please update the check off sheet by Friday so prizes can be announced.

AUGUST Challenge: And with the end of a month always brings the start of a new month and a new challenge. With so many people still on vacation, I’d like to have this challenge be something you can do on your own or while camping, in a hotel or stopping at a rest stop during a road trip. So, your August challenge is: 3500 lunges. That’s 1750 each leg. What counts? Forward lunges, walking lunges, reverse lunges, goblet lunges, side lunges, around the world lunges….basically any lunge you can think of. All lunges in warm ups and WODs count. Per usual, there will be a check off sheet at the front desk.