Box Collective Step Challenge: Get ready for it…. 20,000,000! Is this doable? Absolutely! But we will need everyone’s help. For those that don’t have step trackers like a Fitbit, Garmin, Samsung or Apple watch, your iPhone automatically counts steps in the Health app, as long as you have your phone with you while you walk/run. There are several similar apps you can get on Android as well. I also have simple pedometers for sale for $15 that you can clip to your pocket or shoe. However you want to track is fine. The important part is that you report it! If you don’t report it, it doesn’t count. We’ll have a tracking chart at the front desk. Please remember to update it each time you’re at the box, for each date listed. ALL STEPS COUNT!

Solo Water Challenge: This challenge focuses on daily water intake, which seems fitting as the weather gets warmer. There are several apps you can get to help you in this challenge, or just use a good ol’ piece of paper. The target is to get 3 liters or about 100 ounces per day. Many water challenges recommend 1 gallon, but I think that’s just too much for a lot of people. If you feel good drinking that much, go for it, but water intoxication is a real thing, so do not drink too much water at any given time. We are using the honor system to check off daily intake. Those that complete the challenge are playing for some prizes. Liquids that don’t count: any coffee, caffeinated tea, soda, juice, alcohol (wine/beer/liquor). Decaf tea, sparkling water, milks (almond/soy/coconut/cow) all count.

Because I’m getting this posted 2 days late, any one who would like to participate in the water challenge will be given a pass for July 1 and 2 on the water challenge.

If you completed the squat challenge, please update the check off sheet by Wednesday when prizes will be doled out!