CrossFit WOD for Saturday 7-1-2017


Jun 30, 2017

Metcon: Split work as desired. Movements do not have to be the same, or same weight between partners. Reps don’t change though.

Warm Up- 15:00

Set up for metcon and perform DLs, Air Squats or Pistols and Pull-Ups


Include in your warm up.

METCON- 36 min AMRAP with a Partner:

  • 10 Pull Ups
  • 20 Deadlifts (185/125)
  • 30 Burpees
  • 40 Alt. Pistols (or air squats)
  • 50 Abmat Sit ups
  • 800m Run

One person works at a time, split as desired


“Stick to the basics. And when you feel like you’ve mastered them, it’s time to start over again. This time paying closer attention.”

– Coach Glassman