CrossFit WOD for Tuesday 6-27-2017


Jun 26, 2017

Strength/Skill:  Pick 2 movements that you need practice in, not just ones that are fun or that you’re already good at Metcon: This is Hero workout Griff. The backwards running will be deceivingly hard. Shoot to finish in under 20:00. 

Warm Up

400m Run broken into 100m increments of forwards/backward. Then: 10 squats, push ups, pull ups, burpees, sit ups, lunges (any order)


Calf Stretch on wall and banded ankle mobility 


1) Pick 2 gymnastics moves and warm them up (handstands/holds/walking/freestyle – hollow holds/rocks – pistols – pull ups – MUPs – kips – T2B – HSPU)

10 min EMOM
Min 1) 30s practice choice #1
Min 2) 30s practice choice #2

METCON- For Time:

  • 800m Run 
  • 400m Run backwards
  • 800m Run
  • 400m Run backwards


Accumulate-100 banded leg curls each & 50 Hip Flexor Pulls each 

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The Strict Handstand Pushup 

Compliments of CrossFit

“Stick to the basics. And when you feel like you’ve mastered them, it’s time to start over again. This time paying closer attention.”

– Coach Glassman