CrossFit WOD for Monday 6-5-2017


Jun 4, 2017

Strength: Posterior Chain on Fire! Metcon: This one will start to sneak up on you about half way through, but you should have about 25s rest per round. KBs should be heavy but unbroken.

Warm Up

400m Run, 10 Squats, 10 Samson Stretch, 10 Push Ups, 10 Pull Ups, 10 Burpees, 10 Sit ups, 10 Banded Good Mornings, 2×15-20


Pigeon x :60 ea


1) Goblet Squats, 4×8 AHAP, rest 90s
2) Sumo Stance Romanian DL, 4×8, moderately heavy, rest 90s

METCON- 10 min EMOM:

  • 10 KBS (53/45) (+70/53) 
  • 20 DUs or 20 Attempts


Accumulate 100 Banded Leg Curls, ea
Accumulate 100 Banded Standing Abs

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How to Perform Goblet Squats – Exercise Tutorial

Compliments of Buff Dudes

“Stick to the basics. And when you feel like you’ve mastered them, it’s time to start over again. This time paying closer attention.”

– Coach Glassman