CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 5-31-2017


May 30, 2017

Metcon: Try to get a bit faster each round. Score for each round.

Warm Up

10 Pass Throughs & Around the Worlds – Then With a Barbell: 3 Hang Muscle Snatches, Hang Pwr Snatch, Below the knee Pwr Snatch – add light weight and repeat


20 Wall Slides


1) Below the Knee Hang Power Snatch 5×3 @70%, 90s between rounds

-Beginner: Snatch Grip Push Press

METCON- Lurong WOD – 10 min AMRAP

  • 3 Thrusters (L1 45/35 L2 75/55 L3 95/65)
  • 3 Bar Facing Buprees (3x Singles or 1min attempts)
  • 30 DUs or 100m Run *
  • *If you are doing the challenge it’s 45 singles or DUs for L1 & L2 You CAN NOT run


50 Banded Lat Pull Downs 
50 Reverse Flys

“Stick to the basics. And when you feel like you’ve mastered them, it’s time to start over again. This time paying closer attention.”

– Coach Glassman