CrossFit WOD for Thursday 5-25-2017


May 24, 2017

Metcon: Break up as needed. One partner works at a time. 

Warm Up

Game-Coach’s Choice THEN 10 of each: Hollow Rocks, Squats, Walking Lunges, Push Ups, Sit Ups, Scorpions, No Push Up Burpees 


LAX Ball or Softball in the glutes

METCON- Complete in teams of 2 (30 min Cap):

  • Row 2k meters or 1 mile Run
  • 400m Farmer Carry
  • Row 1k meters or 800m Run
  • 400m Walking Lunges
  • Row 2k meters or 1 mile Run


Accumulate 75 Hollow Rocks, every break, 5 kips or ring dips

“When you feel like quitting: think about why you started.”

– @BeHealthy – Twitter