CrossFit WOD for Thursday 5-4-2017


May 3, 2017

Strength: We will work on the kip for both T2B and pull ups and then practice during the EMOM. Metcon: Partner WOD! One person works at a time. Curtis P’s should be able to be maintained the whole timeat the weight, which should only be moderately heavy. Break it up in whichever way is hardest (short and more explosive, or longer and more aerobic).

Warm Up- With a Partner

2 Rounds: One Person rows 250m, the other foam rolls calves and adductors

METCON- Partner WOD – 3RFT (30 min cap):

  • 1500m Row (1200m Run)
  • 10 Curtis P’s (95/65) (+115/75)

Beginner: DB Reverse Lunges x 5 ea and DB Push Press x 5

Tissue Work/Stretch/Roll/Nap

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Compliments of East Dallas CrossFit

“Successful people pursue hard things. Unsuccessful people avoid them.”
– Coach Greg Glassman