Here’s a little Refresher from April…

1) Come to class 4x or more per week to be entered to win a $25 Rincon Brewery Gift Card
2) Complete 2500 Burpees to be entered to win a $20 “Surprise” Gift Card
3) Complete 2500 Situps to be entered to win a $20 “Surprise” Gift Card
4) Do all 4 and be entered to win a $40 “Surprise” Gift Card
Here are the winners (all winners drawn from a random name picker tool):
1) Rosie!
2) Jayne and Susan (Because they are the only 2 that did this one 🙂
3) Al!
4) No one qualified so I’m throwing in a random prize: Danny!
Congrats! Gift Cards will be at the desk in the next few days.

May Challenge

As most of you have heard, we have a box-wide challenge going on where we need EVERYONE to participate! The goal is 1 MILLION meters rowed. However, the reception of this challenge in just two days has been overwhelming! I am now challenging you to 2 MILLION meters rowed. Say what?! That’s right. This is a full box effort where every meter you row counts (so don’t put 500m if it was really 512m).

There is now a few posters at the box with boxes on them. Add your name if it’s not already there and write down your meters for each day you row. We’ll be adding all the numbers together to get a total at the end of the month. Of course there will be prizes along the way too! Let’s do this!