CrossFit WOD for Monday 4-24-2017


Apr 23, 2017

Strength: 6-8 sets to get to a heavy two. Reset on every rep. Metcon: Thrusters should be light and done unbroken. You’re trying to match your score on each round. Score posted for each round to the white board. 

Warm Up

400m Run then: 10 Sumo DL, 20 DUs, 10 Thrusters, 20 DUs, 10 Rows, 20 DUs, 10 FR Reverse Lunges, 20 DUs 


Banded Pigeon x :60-90s each


  1. SDL, off 2″ mats or the rig (just below knees) – Work up to a heavy 2 in 6-8 sets, rest 2-3:00 between sets (Beginner: 5×5 SDL)

METCON- 3 min AMRAP of: 

  • 7 Thrusters (75/55) (+95/65)
  • 21 DUs (3x singles) 
  • REST 5:00 and repeat 

Single leg hip thrusts on a bench 3×10 ea w/ 1ct at top


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The Sumo Deadlift  

Compliments of CrossFit

“Successful people pursue hard things. Unsuccessful people avoid them.”
– Coach Greg Glassman