CrossFit WOD for Tuesday 3-28-2017


Mar 27, 2017

Metcon: Keep KB weight moderate so you can pace evenly each round. 

Warm Up

10 Russian Swings, 10 Hollow Rocks, 10 SDHP, 30 DUs/Practice, 10 KBS, 10 Hollow Rocks, 10 SDHP, 30 DUs/Practice


3min Athlete’s Choice 

METCON- 5 Rounds 40s Work/20s Rest **Score is Total Reps

  • KBS (53/35)
  • 2 Shuttle Runs (inside- 1 “rep” per shuttle run)
  • SDHP (53/35) 
  • DUs
  • Hollow Rocks 

3x 10ea Banded Paloff Press 
3x 10ea Split Squats
3x 10ea Banded Wood Chopper, high to low
3x10ea Single Arm DB Press 

“If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.”-¬†Thomas Edison