CrossFit WOD for Monday 3-27-2017


Mar 26, 2017

Strength: Wave like last month on back squats. Second wave should be significantly heavier than the first wave. Start at about 50% of 1RM. Metcon: Burpee PUs should be a jumping pull up with fingertips just under the bar. Use a split grip if desired.

Warm Up

400m Run then 10 mins Dynamic


60s Pigeon Pose Each Side, 15 Terminal Knee Extensions Each Side 


  1. Front Squat Wave – Reps of 3-2-1 Rest 2-3 mins 3-2-1, Weight should increase as reps go down. 


  • 5 Squat Cleans (115/75)(+135/95)
  • 10 Burpee Pull Ups (+Burpee MUPs)

100 Banded Pull Thrus or Banded Good Mornings
3x 30s Side Planks each side

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The Burpee Pull Up

Compliments of CrossFit

“If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.”-¬†Thomas Edison