CrossFit WOD for Thursday 3-23-2017


Mar 22, 2017

Strength: Last week of extended mobility before the Open.  Pick a skill you’re working to master for the goat work. If you don’t know what to pick, go for snatches. Metcon: Keep it light so you can keep moving fast. 


20 mins

Warm Up

25 Burpees, 15 light KB SDHP


  1. Goat Work – 15 mins 

METCON- 5Rds for Time

  • 200m Run
  • 15 Russian Swings (45/30) (+53/35) 
  • 10 T2B
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Kettlebell Swing Basics

Compliments of Strong First

“If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.”-¬†Thomas Edison