CrossFit WOD for Monday 2-20-2017


Feb 19, 2017

Strength: Work up to 1RM in 8-10 Sets, and use a spotter when it gets close to your 1RM, which should be 5-10% less than your regular FS 1RM  Metcon: It’s a sprint of course. DLs should be able to be done as touch and go with short breaks. 

Warm-up-2 sets, 5 reps each

500m Row then 2 sets of: X Band Steps each direction, 20 Walking Lunges, 10 Sumo DL w/ KB, 10 Russian Swings


90s in Deep Squat Hold, try to make it as near perfect form as possible


  1. Front Squat Box Squats, 8-10 sets to work up to a 1RM, resting 2:00 between sets 
  2. 10 cal row warm up and 15 DL warm up

METCON- For Time (10 min Cap)

  • 30-20-10 Cals on Rower 
  • 21-15-9 Deadlifts (185/125) (+225/155)

Accessory Work

  • 50-100 Banded Pull Throughs 
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Banded Pull Throughs

Compliments of Jason Brown 

“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.”- Jim Rohn