CrossFit WOD for Thursday 1-12-2017


Jan 11, 2017

For the Metcon, advanced athletes should shoot for sub 10:00 on the first part. Although you can scale, the second part should be AHAP.


10 Around the Worlds, 10 Pass Throughs, 20s PVC Lat Stretch (ea. side) then: PVC Game!


Banded Ankle Distraction, 2×15 ea. and LAX on Calves/Ankles x :30 each


  1. Pistol Practice
  2. Gymnatic Hold, x10-20s (Ring Support Hold, L Sit, L Hold, Hollow Hold, Pull Up Hold)

METCON:  For Time

  • 100 Walking Lunges
  • 75 Hollow Rocks
  • 50 KBS (45/25) (+53/35)

Then, For Time: 

  • 1 Arm Farmer Carry 3x100m
  • **1 min Rest between Sets

Accessory Work

  • Stretch, Foam Roll, Plank

Compliments CrossFit

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.”- JFK