Burn WOD for Thursday 1-12-2017


Jan 11, 2017

Remember that those sets of 40s ending up feeling much longer, so pace yourself and choose your weight accordingly.

EMOM 6 min of (40s work): 

E-Jumping Squats


EMOM 6 min of (40s work):

E-Renegade Row


EMOM 6 mins of (40s work): 

E-Plank Hold

O-Lateral to Side Raises

*1 min Rest

13 min AMRAP of: 

40 Single Jump Rope

15 Lunge Ups (each Side)

40 Toe Taps 2ct

15 Push Ups

40 Plank Jacks

15 Leg Lifts


“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”
– Mae West