CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 1-11-2017


Jan 10, 2017

For strength today, try to get 3 challenging sets in. For the Metcon, pace the row so you’re getting the same time each round. For the cleans, you should be doing them in two or less sets, so don’t go too heavy.


30 Jumping Jacks Then 3 Sets of 5 each: Hang Muscle Clean, Hang Power Clean, Bent Over Row, Dive Bombers, Banded Pull Apart **Add light weight on Rd 2 and a bit more for Rd 3


3 Way Banded Shoulder Stretch


  1. Close Grip Bench Press, Up to a Heavy set of 3 in 5-7 sets, Resting 2:00 between sets.
  2. Hang Power Snatch, 3×3 light weight

METCON: 5 Rounds For Time

  • 400m Row
  • 10 Hang Power Cleans (95/65) (+115/75)
  • 15 Push Ups
  • **1 min rest after each Round **20 min Cap

Accessory Work

  • 75-100 Banded Push Downs
  • 75-100 Banded Pull Aparts
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Movement Standards: GCBP

Compliments of No Excuses CrossFit

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.”- JFK