It’s that time of year! From Dec. 12th through the 24th, we will be having our “12 Days of Fitmas” Challenge.

RULES: You MUST complete each movement on the day it’s listed. No make ups! Movements done in a warm up count, movements done in a WOD/Metcon do not. Movements can be broken up into however many sets you’d like, unless noted. You’ll have until the following day at 4pm to email/text/courier pigeon/tell me in person that you completed the movements to qualify for the daily prize. Oh yes, DAILY prizes. For those that complete all 12 days, your name will be submitted for the finale drawing. To reiterate, there will be a prize given out every day and pulled from the list of people who submitted their completion to me by 4pm the following day. One exception: for the movement on the 24th, you have until Dec. 26th at 4pm to submit your name. Good Luck!

12/12/2016 100 Squats
12/13/2016 100 Sit Ups
12/14/2016 100 Pike Push Ups
12/15/2016 100 Supermans
12/16/2016 100 Pistols (50 each leg, as low as you’re able)
12/17/2016 100 Push Ups
12/18/2016 100 Lunges (50 each leg-forward or backward)
12/19/2016 100 KBS
12/20/2016 100 Dips (Floor/Ring/Box)
12/21/2016 1 mile Run, unbroken
12/22/2016 100 Glute Bridges (advanced-50 single leg or modified-100 2-legs together)
12/23/2016 100s Plank, in 2 or less sets
12/24/2016 100 Burpees

Email me with questions