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Customized Online Programming

Dive into fitness on your terms with Customized Online Programming. Tailored for your goals, equipped with demo videos, and adaptable to your preferences, it’s fitness designed uniquely for you.

1. Program Delivery: Your personalized fitness journey unfolds through the ease of Google Sheets so you can access it anywhere. You’ll be able to track your weights and reps for each workout to help you know where to push yourself. Each subsequent program will be added to that same document so you can view your previous results and see how far you’ve come.  

2. Daily Routine Overview: The workouts begin with a warm-up, a crucial ritual before diving into the day’s exercises. Designed to prep your body for the movements ahead, this routine is your daily companion, ensuring every session starts on the right note.

3. Tailored Workouts: Flexibility is key – your workouts can be a full-body experience or a targeted focus on specific muscle groups. Every exercise is accompanied by a link, offering a detailed movement demo. 

4. Decoding Sets, Reps, and Tempo: Let’s break it down: Sets are the number of cycles of exercises you’ll complete, reps are the number of times you’ll perform each exercise in a set, and tempo refers to the speed at which you execute each movement. Together, they create a rhythm customized to your fitness tempo. Again, each of these will be listed in your workout.

5. Weight Tracking and Comments: Effort is documented – an area to log weights and completed reps for each day. It’s not just about lifting; it’s about progress. Additionally, a comments section allows personalized insights and additional details, ensuring your program remains finely tuned to your evolving needs.


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