DIETING IS CONFUSING How do I lose weight? How do I get lean? How do I get abs? If you’ve asked any of these questions then you’ve probably found countless opinions on how to get in shape. Some people say eat more protein and less fat. Some people say eat more fat, but only healthy fat. Some people say eliminate carbs… It’s incredibly confusing. The one thing everyone can agree on: diet is crucial for you to get the body you want.


At Foxwing Fitness we can guide you to the balanced nutrition strategy that best fits your goals. We’re big fans of Eat To Perform. We like that it’s flexible enough to serve the needs of all kinds of different people and lifestyles, and because it’s an easy diet to stick with. There are other great eating strategies out there too, including Paleo, Zone, RP Strength, Slow-Carb, and a million others. We can help you get the most out of your diet, however you choose to eat.


Can I eat vegan and still get the benefits of CrossFit? Absolutely. Vegans and vegetarians face the same nutrition challenges as everyone else. The same goes for people who want to still eat gluten-free or have any other dietary restriction. 


Everyone needs to pay attention to their mix of “macros” (protein, fats, and carbohydrates) and general calorie intake and everyone can benefit from some “timing” guidance; that is, when/what to eat what to get the best results.


WILL CROSSFIT MAKE ME BULKY? No! It’s seriously time to put this nonsense to rest. CrossFit, exercise, lifting weights even… none of this will make you bulky. In fact, with the right nutrition, all of these things will make you lean and strong. And, as everyone knows, strong is sexy. Therefore: do CrossFit + eat right = be sexy. Don’t believe us? Here’s an article that talks about the subject in more depth.


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→ Lose Weight

→ Get Lean (See those Abs!)

→ Gain Muscle Mass

→ Get Stront

→ Increase Your Energy Level

→ Improve Your Mood (bye hangry!)

→ Live Better