DIETING IS CONFUSING How do I lose weight? How do I gain muscle? How do I have a better relationship with food? If you’ve asked any of these questions, then you’ve probably found countless opinions on how to do it.

Some people say to eat more protein and less fat. Some people say to eat more fat, but only healthy fat. Some people say eliminate carbs… It’s incredibly confusing. The one thing everyone can agree on: diet is crucial for you to get the body you want.


Coach Leah can guide you to the balanced nutrition strategy that best fits your goals, and it’s never “one diet fits all.” 

Coach Leah uses biofeedback measurements to help her see the big picture with each client. These measurements include sleep, hunger, digestion, and mood, among others. What you eat is up to you, but macro breakdowns are provided (we can handle any dietary restrictions). 

One major focus of nutritional counseling is mindset and ensuring that the client has a healthy relationship with food. This also includes tactics to block out the negative thought patterns and understand how the body works in regard to food, so one day of above-average eating (think Thanksgiving) won’t get you down.

Most people need to pay attention to their mix of “macros” (protein, fats, and carbohydrates) and general calorie intake to hit their goals, whether that’s gaining, losing, or eating for performance. Coach Leah sets all clients up with a macro profile to follow to take the guesswork out of it. 

Best of all, you can be located anywhere. Coach Leah uses emails, texts, phone calls, and the Loom app to give you the feedback you need to make forward progress. 

In addition to nutritional counseling, Leah also writes customized monthly programming to be used at the gym, home, or wherever you work out.

If you’re interested in finding out how Foxwing Fitness can help you attain your goals, email
leah@foxwingfitness.comto schedule your  FREE PHONE CONSULT. 

[Coach Leah is Precision Nutrition L1 and L2 certified, PN-SSR L1, Nutritional Coaching Institute L1, Flexible Dieting Certified, Eat to Perform Certified, and has completed extra NCI courses in Hormones and Gut Health.]  




→ Lose Weight

→ Change Your Food Relationship

→ Sleep Better

→ Gain Strength

→ Increase Your Energy Level

→ Improve Your Mood

→ Live Better with Food Flexibility

→ Fix Your Gut