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CrossFit in Carpinteria, CA

CrossFit in Carpinteria and get stronger every day. Gain significant improvements in your health, strength and physical fitness with dedicated trainers who will guide you through every movement at every class. Trainers, along with our members, will be your biggest fans while keeping you motivated and accountable.

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Amazing Members

Weekly Classes

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“The trainers and programming here are really pushing me. I’m stronger than when I was 25!”

Walt does CrossFit


“I didn’t get into this to be a serious athlete, but I can do everything I want to do. CrossFit is part of my routine and it’s something I always want to do.”

Bridgit loves CrossFit


“I’m doing muscle-ups, lifting heavy, and my Fran time is… wait, what was the question?”

Johnny loves CrossFit


Choose Foxwing Fitness

Only 15 minutes from Santa Barbara, Foxwing Fitness is only a fraction of the cost of other strength training, functional fitness, and CrossFit gyms in the Santa Barbara area; with Carpinteria’s character, plus our supportive CrossFit community and passionate coaches looking after your fitness goals. FWF also offers Burn classes (more cardio, less weight) and yoga, for those looking to supplement their current workout or ease back into a fitness program.

Live in Montecito? Lucky you, FWF is just a short, ocean lined drive down the road.

Wondering if CrossFit is right for you? The only way to know for sure is to set up a free workout and try for yourself. Perhaps you’re concerned about a past knee injury though, or a bad shoulder. Don’t worry, our coaches are experienced in scaling and altering workouts. Don’t let past injuries stop you from getting fit!

Take advantage of a FREE class and find out if CrossFit is right for you.


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How Often Can you CrossFit?

Deciding how often you’d like to come is one of the first steps once you’ve committed to trying FWF. The starting ‘sweet spot’ is really about three times a week (CrossFit and/or Burn). At that level you’ll have the same movements often enough that you’ll understand the dynamics better and be able to practice frequently, while still getting new movements rotated in to your repertoire at a manageable pace. However, if you are coming from a background of fitness or were currently working out more than three times a week already, you will most likely be able to maintain that pace at FWF too. It is not advisable to come only once or twice a week in the beginning, as there are so many different moves, you may not see the same exercise for a week or two, which makes it hard to practice and learn the movements.

FWF keeps the workouts well-mixed, so regardless of your schedule, you’ll always get a full body workout and movements that rarely repeat.