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Cardio Burn in Carpinteria, CA

Get all the cardio workouts you can handle. Foxwing Fitness cardio fitness Burn classes are available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Burn is a lot like CrossFit, but without the heavy weights, and a greater focus on core work and cardio.

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Who is Burn for?

Burn is designed for people that want “a good sweat” without using heavy equipment or having the strength focus of CrossFit. It is especially good for those interested in increasing their cardiovascular endurance and those who run races and marathons. The interval program of Burn conditions the body to aid in increased performance during these events. It is also an excellent program to try prior to beginning CrossFit, since the movements are much less technical and can be learned quickly in each class.

More than Cardio

Burn is not just cardio fitness, it also uses body weight, medicine balls, kettlebells and dumbbells while centering around core work. Every workout will be full body and have at least 1-2 core strengthening movements.

Burn has simple movements that can be easily modified, because of that it’s ideal for those recovering from injuries, past health issues or those new to fitness.

How long Does it Take?

Burn workouts are around 35 minutes (versus CrossFit’s 5-30 minute workouts), with a group warm up and stretching prior to it. Additionally, all classes are contained to an hour to help you get your workout in without taking up hours of your day. Like CrossFit, every workout will be something new and different. We strive to never repeat the same workout.

Foxwing Fitness has group workouts Monday through Saturday