Foxwing Fitness FAQ

What is Foxwing Fitness?

Perhaps it’s more appropriate to say “who is…”. Foxwing Fitness was Carpinteria’s only CrossFit gym until March 2018 when Leah decided to close down the physical location that was Foxwing Fitness. Now she focuses on what she loves: helping people navigate health, strength and especially diet. Closing the physical location has allowed her to fully tailor her services without any overhead. See Leah’s bio for more about her experience. 

Ok, ok, I know what you’re really wondering… “where did that name come from?!” When I first bought the CrossFit gym, I knew I wanted to get away from the stigma that is sometimes associated with those types of gyms. I decided on the name ‘Foxwing’ because it represented family and the gym was part of my family. My son, Fox, was born in April 2015. When I bought the gym, my brother came on as my head coach, so we shared the surname ‘Wing.’ We mashed those together and Foxwing Fitness was born. 


How Do I Start?

Simply contact Leah to see which service is right for you: nutrition counseling, personal training or both. After your free phone consult, Leah will give you her recommendations and what that looks like for you personally. 

What results can I expect With nutrition counseling?

This depends on you–you’ll get out what you put in. Counseling focuses on many things, diet and nutrition being just one of them. Leah works off your biofeedback (what your body tells you through sleep quality, energy, recovery, mood, digestion, etc) to see the bigger picture and help you implement the changes to get you to your physical goals. As this happens you’ll also be focusing on the mental aspect of nutrition to make sure you have a good relationship with food, the scale and your inner voice. The latter is actually one of the most important changes that can happen during nutritional counseling, to make sure you’re seeing results outside and in. 

How does online programming work?

When Leah writes programming for her clients, it is 100% customized to their likes and goals. A program requiring you to cardio when you hate cardio, won’t work very well… you just won’t do it. After Leah does an intake call to understand where you’re starting from, and the details on your goals, lifestyle and experience and equipment available to you, she’ll write a program specific for you. Each program covers 4 weeks of programming ranging from 3-6 days a week of workouts. 

Movements in the programming will have necessary links inserted so you can be sure you understand what the movement is. Leah may also ask for a selfie video of you performing it, if you have any questions. After the first week or two, programming will often be tweaked slightly to make sure it is sufficiently doing its job and is enjoyable for you, the client. 

Online programming can be designed for home use, gym use or a combination of the two. It will focus on weighted movements, bodyweight movements and cardio, as needed. 


How much does it Cost?

Please see our pricing matrix for package comparisons.