Less expensive than Santa Barbara CrossFit locations, here’s three easy ways to sign-up for CrossFit, cardio Burn classes, yoga and personal training.

Less expensive than Santa Barbara CrossFit locations and the only CrossFit in Carpiteria, here’s three easy ways to sign-up for CrossFit and Cardio Burn classes.

Twice a Week

+ cheapest monthly plan
+ 2 classes per week
+ mix your classes
+ great way to start
+ lots of class times
+ book classes online

3-month commit for only

$104 / Month


+ most convenient plan
+ any number of classes
+ any CrossFit classes

+ any Burn or yoga classes
+ lots of class times
+ get fit fast!

For as little as

$135 / Month

Day Passes

+ great for vacationers
+ only pay for what you use
+ any CrossFit, Burn or Yoga classes

+ book classes online


Day Pass: $15
1 Week Pass: $59
2 Week Pass: $99

In addition, we have these special classes available.


+ focused sessions
+ defined by your goals
+ up to 3 people at at time
+ Great for pre/postnatal moms and seniors


From $65.00 / Hour


+ Bay area yoga instructor
+ Vinyasa style
+ client driven movements



Punch Card or
Included with Unlimited


+ non-members okay
+ learn to eat for your lifestyle
+ non-diet program
+ nutritional education
+ learn about food/supplement timing

Single session or
program options
$50 / Month