Foxwing Fitness CrossFit FAQ
What is Foxwing Fitness?

Perhaps it’s more appropriate to say “who is…”. Foxwing Fitness was Carpinteria’s only CrossFit gym until March 2018 when Leah decided to close down the physical location that was Foxwing Fitness. Now she focuses on what she loves-helping people navigate health, strength and especially diet. Closing the physical location has allowed her to further tailor her services without any overhead. See Leah’s bio for more about her experience. 

How Do I Start?

Simply contact Leah to see which service is right for you: personal training, nutrition counseling or both. After you’re free consult, Leah will give you her recommendations on going forward and what that looks like for you personally. 

What if I have bad knees/back/hips, etc?

Very few people who start a fitness program are without some physical complaint. Safety is our number one concern and we will work with your ailments and injuries through modifications to get you stronger and hopefully less likely to continue suffering from those ailments. 

What results can I expect?

This depends on you–you’ll get out what you put in. If you dedicate yourself to working hard and eating right, you will reach your goals. Some people reading this may be wondering if they’ll lose weight…the short answer: maybe. Muscle weighs more than fat. You’ll definitely be gaining muscle by doing a strength training program, so you may or may not lose weight-but you will definitely feel better! Nutritional Counseling would need to be part of your program if you’re looking to lose a substantial amount. 

I am afraid I will get bulky from lifting weights....

In order for people to get bigger (especially women) there are two things you’d have to make a concerted effort to do. One: pick up heavy weight on a frequent basis for long periods of time. Two: eat a high calorie diet of the right foods. As we know, there are several body types. For women who say they “bulk up” it’s typically not because they have the special body type needed to put on muscle naturally, it’s because they are going through the normal process of building muscle and stop before seeing that process through, when fat starts to reduce and the body looks more toned. For more information on this cycle, please ask Leah about it during your consult.