Personal Training & Nutrition in Carpinteria

The physical gym has closed - our services have not.



Coach Leah provides a motivating and positive fitness experience for everyone. You won’t get yelled at or demeaned, that’s not her style. Instead, you’ll get clear supportive instruction to help you learn new skills, find new strength and dig deep to push harder than you ever thought you could.  


If you’re looking for private workouts, you’ve come to the right spot. Leah will focus each session on the goal(s) that have been discussed in the free into session. Call now to chat about your goals. 

Nutrition Counseling

Get nutrition advice on how to fuel your body, not starve it or talk down to it. Leah will teach and advise you on what’s been proven to work and why (hint: diets don’t).

Small Group Training

Similar to one-on-one, these focused sessions are for 3 or less people with like-minded goals. Ideal for pregnant and postpartum women, seniors and couples. Call for more info.


Personal Training will get you gaining significant improvements in your health, strength and physical fitness. We call them GAINZ, but at Foxwing Fitness, we pride ourselves on caring enough to make sure you’re doing it the right way, diet as well. 

Is personal training for you? Call and find out.